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About Our Group

Where are we from?

Space Coast (Kennedy Space Center), Florida
Ocho Rios, Jamaica
Montreal, Canada

Who is part of the group?

Our group is composed of multiple successful collaborators, from semi-retired specialized contractors in many disciplines, to a PhD engineer in private practice.

Our qualifications 


Formation of the group

Recent events have pushed us to search for new markets. We have been blessed in the past to "pick-and-chose clients and projects".
Precise collaborators will be announced after diagnose of the project.

Standards - We know how it should be done

ISO, CSA, Florida Hurricane Code, UL, ASHRAE, ACI, NEC



Gerald's Bio

Gerald is viewed as a "site construction leader" on a project management team. Gerald has worked closely with all trades on a construction site for over 35 Years and is constantly pursuing education on the evolution of construction practices. Gerald is a structural and mechanical engineering contractor and knows "the art of the trade", which allows him to facilitate communication between all parties involved in a project.

Gerald was raised in Montreal, Quebec in a family with a rich tradition in the commercial construction industry. Along with a Marine Corps father who was an engineer specializing in demolition and construction, Gerald gained valuable experience working alongside his grandfather, a civil engineer. Throughout his early education years he continued to work professionally, developing expertise in the specialty of restoration of the many historic buildings in Montreal, which led to the forming of his own company Les Artisan de la Construction. The Caribbean, beginning in 1984 he began a long professional relationship with many of the hotels and resorts in Jamaica, ultimately leading to his residency in Jamaica full time beginning in 1989 and extending through 1998. Gerald has been a resident of Florida since 1998 and has owned several construction firms in both general and specialty contracting, but continues his affiliation with the hospitality industry in Jamaica and worldwide. He received is his Mechanical Engineering degree from College du Vieux Montreal , in 1978 and his Structural Engineering degree from Universite de Montreal Poly Tec in 1980. Gerald is fluent in English and French.

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