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Construction Management

Modern Alternative to General Contractor

Inspection of quality and quantity


Inspection by the building department does not include the quality of the work.

An example is framing. Problems in the framing will be noticeable at the time the dry wall is finished, which is a long time after the framer is gone. In the framing specification the retainage will be paid after the primer coat is done.

Use competing subcontractors for inspection.

Inspections could be made by a subcontractor that did not get the job. GPM will remove from the subcontractor's report any emotional comments or choice of method which does not affect the condition of the service rendered by the sub under contract.

Another good source of trade knowledge is a retired specialized contractor. Often times they are available for inspections to help expose untraditional work procedures done by the actual specialized contractor on the job.

Finally, most manufacturers offer on-site technical support, this is a free service that most contractors never use.

Quantity (pay requests)

Pay request should be predetermined in the contract with each sub, who by nature will attempt to front load the invoice and try to receive part of their profit early in the project. When a bank is involved, GPM could recommend to the owner a lower payment than the bank has reported, in some cases.

GPM specifies in contract documents, how much it will cost to complete the project if another sub is used to complete the work. Retainage is also specific to the trade involved.